New YouTube Affiliate Program Rules Starting July 8

Recently, on July 8, the youtube service rolled out changes for its affiliate program.

You still need to have 1000 sub

scribers on your channel, but with regard to hours of viewing, there are some changes.

If the video is in limited access, the viewing time will not be counted.

The video is available on the link – the time will also not be taken into account

The videos that you promote through advertising will be disappointing, but in this case you will also gain the viewing time. First, you promote the video and then it starts to bring organic traffic, in this case, the time will be taken into account.

So you won’t be able to quickly turn on monetization by scrolling a video in an advertising campaign.
Watching hours will be charged for deleted videos.

And also the time of plots and short videos is not taken into account, for them there is a separate earnings in the shorts program, which has already been officially launched in Russia from July 12.

You can already start shooting short videos and make money on it.

If the live broadcast was not published as a video, then the viewing time will also not be taken into account.

How do you like the new changes, do you make money on youtube?